Exclusive Offer - SSL Native Essentials Bundle 2-Plugins

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  • Exclusive Offer - SSL Native Essentials Bundle 2-Plugins

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Solid State Logic's SSL Native Essential Pack pairs two of the most powerful SSL plugins for a console-like mixing experience in your DAW. Containing the SSL Channel Strip and the legendary Bus Compressor, it has what you need to create a solid foundation for any mix. The Channel Strip emulates the venerable SSL 4000 wide-format console, with the classic parametric EQ, filter, compressor and 4-band expander/gate configuration that has been the foundation of pro-audio for over 40 years. And you can switch between legendary E and G series profiles for added flexibility. The SSL Bus Compressor is a digital on-site recreation of the legendary bus compressor featured in numerous hit records. Celebrated for their ability to paste a mix into radio-ready sound, few bus compressors are universally revered.

Channel Strip SSL Features:

Based on SSL's legendary console channel strip designs

4-band parametric EQ, switchable between E and G series tonal characteristics

High pass and low pass filters

Customizable signal flow routing lets you choose how to order processors

Compressor with simple yet powerful Ratio, Threshold, Release and Fast Attack controls

Compression Smooth interface keeps dynamic character intact at night

Side chain processing for frequency dependent compression applications

Natural sounding gate / expander with smooth release response

SSL Bus Compressor Features:

SSL Designed Emulation of Ser's famous Bus Compressor ie G

Revered for its ability to "paste" a mix

Retains the dynamic character of a mix even at higher proportions

Simple to use, but incredibly flexible, with classic Threshold, Attack, Ratio and Makeup controls

Plug-in version includes dry/wet parallel processing control and side current-pass filter

Solid Stage Logic - an incomparable industry icon

Over the past half century, SSL has established itself as an undisputed pro-audio heavyweight. Recognized for their unrivaled sound quality, SSL consoles are a favorite of artists used for countless recordings and are found in over 3,000 world-class recording installations. For contemporary artists and engineers who work outside a traditional big studio environment but refuse to compromise on sound, SSL creates exceptional hardware and software tools, including 500 series modules, SuperAnalogue desktop mixers, plug-in technology state-of-the-art and its owners. X-Rack modular rack system. Regardless of how or where you produce, record and mix, there is certainly an SSL product right for you.


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