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SSL Band Bundle - All-in-one dedicated processing for guitars, drums and vocals

The SSL Band Bundle offers three powerful strips - Drumstrip, Vocalstrip 2, and Guitarstrip - featuring all-in-one processing dedicated to the essential elements of your mix. SSL Guitarstrip is your new go-to processor for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Featuring two classic analogue drive emulations – guitar amp and bass amp – for adding analogue grit and saturation, the Guitarstrip also comes with an easy-to-use compressor with auto gain, channel shaping EQ and phase correction module.

Featuring 5 carefully tailored audio processing tools – an intuitive gate, low and high frequency harmonic enhancers, a transient shaper, listen mic compressor (LMC) and fully re-orderable processing path – SSL Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary to exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps.

The SSL Vocalstrip 2 plug-in combines EQ and dynamics modules with essential vocal processors to bring power, character and clarity for your vocals – all from a single interface.

Use the dynamic envelope based de-esser and de-ploser, compander and EQ alongside informative and intuitive visual feedback to make your vocals shine.


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