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WaveDNA Liquid Music

Available for download, Liquid Music from WaveDNA offers five layers of musical control that can help anyone from absolute beginners to seasoned hands looking for a fresh approach.

The Key layer allows you to choose the key and quality of the progession. Rhythm makes it easy to exepriment with beats and create inspiring loops quickly. The Chords layer makes fiddling with chord progressions instantly satisfying, and the Voices layer fills out the harmonies in intelligent ways.

Finally, everything comes together in the Sketch layer. Simply click and drag to create original harmonies, drawing in tension to the big moment and drops right before it happens. It's all as easy as drawing a line.

To make things even faster for you, the software offers built-in tutorials that lay out how to use each facet of the plug-in in detail. It's compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems and will work in AU, VST, AAX, and AMXD (Ableton Max for Live Device) formats.

Liquid Music's Rhythm Layer includes a host of tools based on the company's Liquid Rhythm software. Customize your beats with tools for adjusting note duration, velocity, timing effects, and more. You'll be able to create unique, elaborate beats using note patterns and clusters. Also, you can browse the extensive list of rhythmic patterns to add rhythm in seconds.
  • Chords are an important part of every song. But with hundreds to choose from, how do you pick the right ones? Lucky for you, the Liquid Music Chords Layer provides two powerful tools for finding the perfect chords.
  • Chord Suggester: The WaveDNA team journeyed deep into the land of known progressions and packaged them into the Chord Suggester—a tool that recommends complimentary chord changes and helps you build progressions.
  • Chord Sequencer: Think of this tool like a drum sequencer for chords. Just pick a chord to start, and then choose complimentary chords from the recommended list. Select chords at random; sometimes the chords you least expect can create the defining sound for your song.
The more voices you use, the richer and more complicated the melodies and chords will be. Use this panel to add just the right amount of harmony. Even customize how thick the harmonies are at specific parts of the song, or create cascading arpeggios. You can also import a melody into Liquid Music, and use the Voices Layer to add harmony to it.
The key of your song impacts you as much as the notes. It determines the mood of your track. Frolic through floral pastures with a major scale, or march through the doldroms with a minor-key dirge. This layer allows you to instantly choose and adjust the key. Whether you're going with conventional minor/major choices or obscure modes based on permuations of the melodic minor scale, Key has you covered.
Sketch is where all the layers come together into one intuitive musical shape. Simply click and drag to create original harmonies, spark new song ideas, and draw in the shape of your music.


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