Payment methods

Payment methods

Easy payment options and fees

At we provide you with what you want and you choose to pay with the option that you like the most. 

Check out our convenient payment options and fees. 

The site currently works with 3 payment operators:


& amp; nbsp; Pay with Paypal credits or credit card registered with Paypal / Pay directly from your PayPal balance, linked bank account, credit card, or with PayPal's proprietary financing service, PayPal Credit®, all without revealing sensitive financial details. < / p>


Pay through your account from the Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay app. & amp; nbsp;

These operators offer total security and reliability. We can only launch an order when these operators confirm that the payment has been made.

When paying, you will be redirected to the website of the chosen one. operator (Paypal, SpliPay or Stripe), where you must register to make your payment, using an email and password for access.

On the operator's website, choose the payment method

& lt; p > Enter the necessary payment details and complete your payment. At the end of the process, you will be redirected back to our virtual store.

Credit card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Elo, Hipercard, Diners for single payment or up to 12 installments * You will be forwarded to the secure server of the company facilitating internal payments that encrypts all the information sent. You can safely enter your full credit card number in the final payment, as it will already be in your environment. & amp; Nbsp; can cancel a Transaction if it finds out through its third party. payment facilitator of the party that the Transaction:

(i) has been invalidated by the Paying User's bank; (ii) it was incorrectly processed by our external payment facilitator, (iii) the paying User (also referred to as Customer in this document) was not authorized to send it, due to fraud or any other reason, (iv) it arises from Prohibited Transactions or any transaction that is not in accordance with the "General Clauses" contract, once signed between and the external facilitator, or (v) in case of suspected fraud or irregularity.

All transactions that use credit card as a form of payment and their acceptance are subject to approval and validation by the third-party payment provider at its discretion.

The .br & amp; nbsp; may request, on behalf of the third party facilitator of payments, additional information and all the necessary documents that the buyer must provide and / or documents-forms-declarations to be recognized and signed by the buyer as a condition of and approval and validation of transactions. < / p>

Installment payment option

* The installment payment option from 2 to 12 & amp; nbsp; Installments offered by the third party payment facilitator incur interest rates determined solely by them and / or the credit card companies and at their discretion. does not charge or self-finance the sale, it only presents the payment options available in the market to potential buyers. 


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