Exclusive Deal - UAD 1176 Limiter Collection

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  • Exclusive Deal - UAD 1176 Limiter Collection
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Exclusive Deal - UAD 1176 Limiter Collection
Universal Audio UAD 1176 Limiter Collection: Shape Your Sound with the Legendary Compressor

Own the sound of countless hit records with the definitive collection of the world's most famous compressors: the Universal Audio UAD 1176 Limiter Collection.

Unleash the sonic magic of three iconic 1176 revisions:

Rev A "Bluestripe": The original Putnam FET design, prized for its aggressive character and bold distortion.
Rev E "Blackface": The smooth, "LN" era sound, known for its musicality and transparency.
1176AE: The rare 40th Anniversary Edition with its unique 2:1 compression ratio for subtle control.
Effortlessly sculpt your tracks with classic 1176 controls:

Intuitive Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio knobs: Dial in the perfect compression for any instrument or vocal.
"All-Button" and "No Ratio" modes: Access legendary overdriven textures for creative sound shaping.
Expanded Mix, Headroom, and Sidechain Filter controls: Refine your compression with modern workflow enhancements.
More than just vintage mojo:

Runs seamlessly on your Mac or PC without UA hardware (UAD Native version).
Experience accelerated processing power with Apollo interfaces and UAD-2 hardware.
Craft your sound with presets from renowned engineers like Andy Johns and Joe Chiccarelli.
Free 14-day trial: Demo the UAD 1176 Limiter Collection and hear the difference for yourself.
Shape your sound with the compressor that shaped music history. Get the Universal Audio UAD 1176 Limiter Collection today.

Hear the magic:

Take a listen to the 5-Minute UAD Tips featuring the UAD 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection.
P.S. Don't forget to check out our Youtube Channel for more in-depth articles and tutorials on using the UAD 1176 Limiter Collection!


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