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The Sound Editor Workflow Toolkit.

EdiLoad is an application that allows sound editors and mixers to run a variety of of crucial and time-saving tasks. From reshaping (cropping) a Pro Tools session when image changes occur, to reshaping (mounting) location WAV files in Pro Tools, EdiLoad can streamline the workflow of any film or television sound post.

At its heart, EdiLoad contains powerful functions that can manipulate edit lists through its filter, batch modification, and cleanup controls. With its unique ability to import and export Pro Tools sessions, new workflows can be created to automate repetitive tasks or enable new processes in custom productions.


Import and manipulate edit lists
Import an AAF, FCP7 XML or any text-based EDL file (eg CMX3600, GVG, SMPTE 32 file). When loading EDLs, EdiLoad imports all event comments so that clip names can be extracted and used, for example, to build custom roll names.

Add multiple A1-4 EDLs to manipulate and clean up all tracks at once. EDLs can also be appended when split by time - allowing an EDL part1 and part2 to be merged, for example.

Use EdiLoad's powerful cleanup controls to remove duplicate events, combine events split into multiple tracks, and curl events to generate a list with the fewest number of events and tracks.

EdiLoad reads 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF, 47952, 48, 50, 59.94, 59.94DF, 60, 60DF FPS.

Compare edit lists

The EdiLoad compare window finds the difference between two image version edit lists , creating a change list that describes which sections of the old version were retained and where they were moved. The comparison algorithm used in EdiLoad is also used to feed the Pyramix v6 + 'Detect Image Shift and Reconform' function.

Multiple AAF, FCP7 XML or EDL files can be loaded at once and grouped by version or date for easy selection. During loading, EdiLoad utilizes its powerful VFX clean-up controls so that updated VFX photos are combined between image versions. It also assigns a reel name to each list during upload, which is shown in the generated changelist to identify which Pro Tools session an event is related to.

Multiple old version lists or groups of lists can be selected for comparison, allowing EdiLoad to automatically fill gaps in a stroke with a list of previous image versions.

All edit lists and settings for a project can be saved in a single EdiLoad project file.

Re-conform (crop) Pro Tools sessions

EdiLoad re-conform function repositions clips , automation and any other elements in a Pro Tools session according to the edit list loaded.

This function can be used to update a session to match a new version of the image by loading a list of changes created by the compare window. Alternatively, it can be used to create a scaled-down version of a project when, for example, a foreign version is created or a trailer has been made. In this case, when images from the long version were used to create the shortened version, audio events from an AAF, FCP7 XML or EDL can be loaded into EdiLoad to trim the Pro Tools session.

strong>Conformed (mounted) WAV files

When all channels of localization WAV files need to be shaped or mounted using an AAF, FCP7 XML or EDL, EdiLoad can be used in in conjunction with the Pro Tools track expansion feature to perform this task. Load multiple edit lists into EdiLoad and clean them up to create a list with as few events and tracks as possible. This simplifies compliance and saves multiple copies of the same clips presented on the timeline at the end of compliance. See this blog post for more information.

The above process allows poly WAV files to be shaped without the need to split and copy all local audio.

Import Edit Pro Tools Session Data

EdiLoad can import clip editing data from one or more audio tracks in a Pro Tools session. Initially, it was written for customers who wanted to edit their own version of a track from the old guide and apply those edits to mix automation via an EDL. This feature can also be used to customize the reset by manually changing a guide track reset, or it can be used to import a session's edit data when the music tracks of an AV photo are edited in Pro Tools and in image editing needs to follow.

Create an image cropping strip

To speed up the process of editing backgrounds, environments or crowds, generates an image clipping track in EdiLoad. An image cut track is an audio track that contains a clip at each image cut point named with the clip name in the source AAF, FCP7 XML, or EDL. Loading one of these into your DAW timeline not only lets you see or tab for each cut point of the image, but it shows the dialog editors directly in the timeline which slate and take were used in image editing. To show the source timecodes in each clip as well, generate a conformal reference track instead of an image cut track.

Create a shift track

A scene change track is similar to an image cut track, however, with a scene change track, each clip shows where a scene begins and ends. Clips are named with the scene number and, where available, the scene description as well.

In addition to helping to identify locations in a project, a scene change track can streamline the editing process for atmospheres, simplify selection of an interval while applying mix automation to the duration of a scene, or automatically assign scene numbers and descriptions to ADR hints when using EdiCue.

To update the values of the timecode in a data file when changes occur to the image, use the EdiLoad Update Data window to load and modify the timecode values to match the new version of the image. Load a delimited text file or Excel file and configure which time codes are updated, whether an image version field is defined, and how time codes are modified for the suggestions that were not included in the new image crop.

WAV File List Window

The EdiLoad WAV File List window can be used to inspect file metadata, find duplicate files, export a AAF containing all files located in your timestamp, export all data as an Excel file or text file or export an Avid Log Exchange (ALE).

The AAF created by this window is useful for ADR editors who have been given a WAV file folder or a Pro Tools session where all takes are stored in different playlists. This EdiLoad window provides a convenient way to load WAV files into an AAF with all recordings placed on separate tracks with their timestamp.

The Find Duplicates function is useful when conforming (mounting) WAV files of localization, as duplicate WAVs can cause multiple versions of the same WAV file to show up in the Pro Tools timeline once the files have been conformed.
Export files
Export files
In addition To export AAFs, EdiLoad can export the following files:

EDL files with standard format CMX3600, File16, File32 or File129
MIDI files to generate Pro Tools markers at image or scene change points
MIDI files to trigger visual cues (like streamers) on EdiPrompt in the image or scene change points to cue foley walkers
Tab-delimited text files or Microsoft Excel files containing all edit list data
br>Displacement Lists then containing cumulative changes for manual image updates

EdiLoad version 4 is a 64-bit Intel application that is compatible with macOS Yosemite (10.10) and above including macOS Big Sur (11.0) and Apple Silicon.

EdiLoad version 4 is a 64-bit application that is compatible with Windows 8 and above, 64-bit versions only.

Compatible with Pro Tools® an AVID Audio® product. Tested with Pro Tools 2021.3.1.
Session Re-conform tested with version 11.3 and above
Conforming requires Pro Tools Ultimate/HD version 12.8.1 and above
Confirm that the version of Pro Tools being used is compatible with your operating system version.

2nd or 3rd generation USB iLok for all types of licenses, authorised locally or using sharable (network) licenses. 



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