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Integrate workflows and collaborate as a team

Avid Media Composer Ultimate is video editing software professional that delivers real-time collaborative workflows.

Media Composer Ultimate offers the most comprehensive solution of the three versions of Media Composer.

p>In addition to all the features of Media Composer, Media Composer Ultimate includes several add-on options such as the Symphony option and the ScriptSync option.

It also includes support for Avid solutions like Interplay | Production and MediaCentral.

(See the full list of options and solutions in the Resources section below.)

As for other features, Media Composer Ultimate is designed with ACE-certified tools and lets you edit everything from SD to 8K and above, HDR, stereoscopic 3D, and a wide variety of file formats, camera formats and codecs without transcoding.

Offering 64-bit performance, Avid DNxHR and Avid Resolution technologies, Independence, and background rendering and transcoding, Media Composer Ultimate allows you to efficiently work with high-resolution, high-frame rate media . The program features 24 video tracks, visual effects, green screen compositions, motion effects, transitions, color correction tools, and graphic titles and animations. It lets you preview clips before uploading them to a project, edit projects from multiple cameras, and automate non-creative media tasks such as transcoding, consolidating, and relinking.

Additional information

What's New in Media Composer 2020

Bin Find and Replace - Os bins now contain a Find and Replace tool that lets you find specific text in a bin column and then optionally replace it with new text

UI and updates UX - Gain greater control over your editing tools with numerous customization and usability updates.
Now you have the freedom to choose from more UI brightness options, change font sizes and styles in more windows, and adjust the intensity of the metadata text.
Work the way you want with a dockable settings dialog, extending the background colors of the compare tabs and managing projects through a robust project management window.
Optimize your workspace by automatically adding blank panels to maintain the relative position and size of your windows.

Universal Media Engine — Media Composer now relies on Universal Media Engine (or UME) when working with file-based media. This removes our dependency on legacy QuickTime components while introducing new features, expanded format support, and several performance improvements.

Latest updates include:

Custom raster export for optimal formatting for phones or social media sites

Media support with variable frame rate recorded on phones and personal devices
Export MP4 files using DNxHD, DNxHR, H.264, XAVC Intra and Long GOP and AVC Intra and Long GOP

Native media support ProRes 4444XQCreate and export ProRes media on Windows in MOV or MXF wrappers
Bulk Editing - Save time and repetition when editing Bin metadata using this powerful tool to modify multiple rows of a column in a Bin. Attach text, add counters and even change boxes, all while viewing your changes as you manipulate column cells.

Timeline Sequence Map - view and easily navigate the timeline horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. The sequence map can be shown as an overlay on the timeline or in its own dedicated window which can be docked, tabbed or floating.


What's included?


  • Media Composer | Ultimate - edit SD, HD, high resolution, HDR and stereoscopic 3D
  • Media Composer | PhraseFind Option ** - Find the right clips quickly with a powerful dialog indexing and search option for Media Composer
  • Media Composer | ScriptSync Option ** - Find the best shots and speed up script-based editing with a powerful dialog and search and sync option for Media Composer
  • Media Composer | Symphony Option - Fix and classify color and finish projects faster with advanced and secondary color tools and Universal Mastering
  • Media Composer | NewsCutter Option - Add MediaCentral | Integration of newsroom, iNews and ENPS management systems with Media Composer for news editing workflows (Windows only)
  • Media Composer | Ultimate Software Updates + Support Plan - Provides access to all new releases and ExpertPlus support throughout your subscription


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