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Garage expansion for your MPC
Akai Professional, Niche Audio features 2 Step Garage capturing the drumbeat and elegant chord progressions of the UK Garage scene.

2 Step Garage offers an incredible selection of 13 diverse MPC kits, allowing producers around the world to start creating inspiring Jam Jams right away.

Influenced by legendary producers such as MJ Cole, El-B and Artful Dodger, this pack contains over 200 authentic samples in crystal clear 24bit and seamlessly brings together the full spectrum of sounds, running effortlessly the line between classic UKG vibes and modern trends. Niche Audio signed Scott Diaz, another top producer who created a 100% authentic 2 Step Garage package for MPC.

Matching the dusty flavor of old-skool with nu-skool production techniques and sound design, the samples are as authentic as possible - sensual and emotional chord progressions, editable guitar and Rhodes riffs, flexible underground beats, treble vocal cuts, vintage organs, dirty and underwater stabs and resampled analogue basses.

These 2 Step Garage samples can be effortlessly swapped for your own sounds in seconds, along with the ability to edit any of the patterns and midi sounds included. Within minutes you will have your own identity and creative ideas in a kit, making it totally unrecognizable from the original. That's what Niche Audio is all about - We don't want anything to get in the way of your creativity and you won't find any other sample pack like this - Guaranteed!

Inside, You'll find thirteen ready-made MPC kits, consisting of a variety of Deep Club Kicks, Crackin Snares and Claps, Vocal Cuts and Effects for instant creativity. Also included are Midi Patterns and MPC Sequences along with One-Shots to customize your own kits.


Akai Professional Hardware Required MPC.
MPC Touch, MPC Live, MPC X, MPC Renaissance, MPC Element (Essentials), MPK2 Series Keyboards (Essentials), MPD2 Series Pad controllers (Essentials).

Product Features

  • 13 MPC drum kits
  • 13 sequences
  • 26 Midi Patterns< /li>
  • 208 samples


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