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Precio inmejorable. Servicio rápido y eficaz. Equipo humano excelente.

Juan Valeriano Benavides (28/06/2023)


I am a Grammy-nominated Music Producer and Mix Engineer 4 times and I always buy my plugins and Pro Tools license here, I RECOMMEND, they are fast and have the best prices! Congratulations Plugados

Gabriel Fernandes (22/05/2023)


Os plugins do Chris Lord são fantásticos

Lael José Campos Lopes (13/01/2023)


Quando buscamos por um prestador de serviços esperamos de fato que ele possa nos ajudar e com a plugados eu tive boas experiências, Ryldo meu parceiro me dando o maior suporte assim como também o Renato fazendo com que eu não perca tempo pensando em certos detalhes e buscando objetividade nas instalações. Muito obrigado a Plugados e parabéns pelo atendimento

David Cabral (03/05/2022)



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Pro Tools is the core of a complete music production system, providing the creative canvas to produce better and more compelling music.

Pro Tools is available in 4 options:

Pro Tools INTRO: Totally free with 8 audio and 8 instrument tracks | Pro Tools Artist: for aspiring music creators | Pro Tools Studio: for professional music creators/producers | Pro Tools Flex: for audio post and music studios

Already know what you need?

Choose the version of Pro Tools that best suits your needs and buy now even the software world's most award-winning audio production company, offering everything you need to make music, sound for video or your great masterpiece. Pay up to 4x with PayPal, without complications, and count on the best service when it comes to Software and plugins for Audio and Music Production.

› Make music easily with 8 audio tracks and 8 instrument tracks

› Make music easily with up to 32 audio tracks and 32 instrument tracks

› Create huge mixes with up to 512 audio tracks and 512 instrument tracks

› Create massive mixes with up to 2,048 audio tracks and 512 instrument tracks


Do you prefer to choose the Sonnox plug-ins that you want to create your own custom package? Simply place the individual Sonnox plugins you want, and the discount will be applied automatically in your cart.

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Latest Products

Vocal Flow and Vocalstrip Bundle

VOCAL FLOW AND VOCALSTRIP BUNDLESSL and Harrison bring together studio legends f...

$399.99 $29.99

Offer ends in: 3 6 18 14




SphaeraUnpredictable Series of Audio EventsSphaera: Immerse yourself in evolving...



Sequi2r Synth

Sequi2r SynthAnalog Sequi2r Unique Step SequencerSequi2r Synth: Explore the fusi...



Sequi2r EX

Sequi2r EXUnique Step SequencerSequi2r EX: Dive into the world of rhythmic and m...



Saurus 4

Saurus 4Affordable Virtual analog synthesizerSaurus 4: Experience the warmth and...

$99.00 $59.40

Offer ends in: 6 6 18 14



Ruby Grand

Ruby Grand1972 Yamaha C7 with Ivory KeysRuby Grand: Capture the grandeur of a co...



Riffendium Vol 6

Riffendium Vol 6Editable Loops (Funk/Disco Guitars)Riffendium Vol 6: Embark on...



Riffendium Vol 5

Riffendium Vol 5Editable Loops library (Action Guitars)Riffendium Vol 5: Immer...



Riffendium Vol 4

Riffendium Vol 4Editable Loops library (Trailer Guitars)Riffendium Vol 4: Expl...



Riffendium Vol 3

Riffendium Vol 3Editable Loops library (Ambient Guitars)Riffendium Vol 3: Unle...



Riffendium Vol 2

Riffendium Vol 2Editable Loops library (Heavy Guitars)Riffendium Vol 2: Elevat...



Riffendium Vol 1

Riffendium Vol 1Editable Loops library (Generic Guitars)Riffendium Vol 1: Imme...




API Collection

H3NDeveloped in association with the API, the API Collection features four preci...

$599.00 $49.99


Exclusive Offer - SSL Native Essentials Bundle 2-Plugins

Solid State Logic's SSL Native Essential Pack pairs two of the most powerful SSL...

$479.00 $67.00

Offer ends in: 6 6 18 14



Studio Classics Collection

When it comes to audio hardware modeling, Waves sets the standard others aspire ...

$1,699.00 $164.99


FabFilter Pro-MB

Professional multi-band compressor and expanderMulti-band compression and expans...


FabFilter Pro Bundle

Pro L 2, MB, Q 3, C 2, DS, GThe Pro Bundle contains invaluable tools for mixing ...


Oxford Inflator Native

Oxford Inflator NativeSonnox Oxford Inflator - Native version - Oxford tube emul...

$156.00 $39.00

Offer ends in: 9 6 18 14


Broadcast & Production

Broadcast & ProductionFrom major television networks to Hollywood studios, Broad...

$1,999.00 $249.99



8-voice diatonic shifter with midiInstant inspirationBoost your songwriting skil...


Best Sellers

Exclusive Offer - SSL Native Essentials Bundle 2-Plugins

Solid State Logic's SSL Native Essential Pack pairs two of the most powerful SSL...

$479.00 $67.00

Offer ends in: 6 6 18 14



Exclusive Offer - TRIGGER 2 Platinum

Drum replacement plug-in from the real pros!Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 Platinu...

$119.00 $67.00

Offer ends in: 6 6 18 14



Exclusive Offer - Pro Tools Studio 1 Year Subscription - NEW

Pro Tools Studio, For Professional Music Creators. Create Huge Mixes With Up To ...

$299.00 $199.00

Offer ends in: 6 6 18 14




Exclusive Offer - EchoBoy 5.2

Seven iconic analog echo emulations in one easy-to-use plug-in.That's what peopl...

$199.00 $69.99

Offer ends in: 6 6 18 14


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